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  Constitutional checks and balances are no longer adequate and need amending.
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Federalist No. 45 Federalist No. 49 Federalist No. 85 James Madison
June 6,
James Wilson
Gettysburg Address
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Article I
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Ludlow 1938 Koupal 1977 Hoekstra 1994 Canady-Bliley 1998 PST&T v Oregon 1912 Cooley - People's Sovereignty
Wisconsin Application 1911 Apply by Initiative for Convention  Ratification by State Referenda Mullen v Howell 1919 Herbring v Brown 1919 Maine Opinion of the Justices 1919
Hawke v Smith 1920 Eisenhower  1961 Term Limits v Thornton 1995 Philadelphia II v. Gregoire 1996 Line Item Veto Clinton v NY 1998 CRS Report Durbin May, 1995
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Initiative Process in 20 Largest Cities


New York, NY   X  
Los Angeles, CA   X X
Chicago, IL      
Houston, TX   X X
Philadelphia, PA      
Phoenix, AZ   X X
San Diego, CA   X X
Dallas, TX   X X
San Antonio, TX   X X
Detroit, MI   X X
San Jose, CA   X X
Indianapolis, IN      
San Francisco, CA   X X
Jacksonville, FL   X  
Columbus, OH   X X
Austin, TX   X X
Baltimore, MD   X  
Memphis, TN      
Milwaukee, WI   X X
Boston, MA      


15 12
Source of Data:

Matsusaka: The Initiative and Referendum in American Cities: Basic Patterns

Waters: Initiative and Referendum Almanac

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