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  Constitutional checks and balances are no longer adequate and need amending.
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PowerPoint Presentation

  1. If PowerPoint or the PowerPoint Viewer are not installed on your computer, download the
    free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007 and install it on your computer.

  2. Download the slideshow.
    The file is about 800KB, so you will need a broadband Internet connection.
    Choose to save or play the slideshow.
    The slideshow should start automatically when you play it.

  3. (If it does not start, double click on your downloaded slideshow, filename: slideshow.ppt.
    The slideshow presentation should appear on your monitor.)

  4. To run your slideshow full-screen, click on the slideshow icon , which is usually in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  5. If you download it onto a laptop and connect a projector, you have a ready-made presentation that you can tailor to your style.

  6. On most systems, the Page Up key advances the slide, Page Down goes back, and Esc ends the show.

Key Documents and Handouts

The following documents are available:

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PDF, DOC Formats:

Summary & Pamphlet PDF Schematic of Key Steps PDF Constitutional Amendment PDF Government Actions PDF Boule Rules PDF State Support Reasons PDF Convention Application PDF
Summary & Pamphlet DOC Schematic of Key Steps DOC Constitutional Amendment DOC Government Actions DOC Boule Rules DOC State Support Reasons DOC Convention Application DOC

The summary pamphlet can be color printed on 11"x17" paper and folded to make 8½"x11" handouts or 8½"x3¾" envelope stuffers. The State Application can form the basis of an application for a Convention to propose the Amendment for ratification by the States.

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